How to spot fake Attipas shoe socks

Looking for a good alternative to Attipas shoes for your baby?

Recently we have been receiving more and more inquiries from customers about shoes similar to Attipas or shoes like Attipas. Watch what our founder Caroline Africh has to say about fake shoe socks for babies and toddlers.


Below are 4 reasons why you should avoid buying fake or copycat Attipas shoes - usually re-branded under a different name - for your baby:

1. Fake shoe socks contain nasties: Most fake shoe socks are not properly quality controlled, so there is a risk they contain nasty chemicals not suitable for babies or toddlers. Chemicals such as formaldehyde are toxic for your baby and may be hidden in their composition.

2. Fake shoe socks don't stay on: Most fake shoe socks are not correctly made so they are not fit for purpose for your baby and may fall off even if sized correctly. Fake shoe socks normally have an in-step that is too wide, as opposed to authentic Attipas baby shoes which are a normal shape and fit baby's feet well.

3. Fake shoe socks have a strong chemical smell: Most fake shoe socks similar to Attipas have a foul chemical smell, as opposed to Attipas baby shoes which have no smell. 

4. Fake shoe socks do not have ventilation: Most Attipas alternatives and fake shoe socks have thick socks which are stitched to the sole and are not breathable. As a result baby's feet can sweat and result in sores and blisters. Some fake shoe socks do not have holes and are easy to spot. However, some are identical to Attipas shoe socks so be careful and note the weight of the shoes (see diagram).

Authentic Attipas shoe socks are not stitched, are well ventilated and are highly breathable.

How to spot fake Attipas shoe socks


We all want the best for our baby, and while there are baby shoes similar to Attipas shoes we urge you to choose carefully when you're buying your first pair of baby shoes.

Attipas baby shoes are the leading choice of shoe socks for babies in Australia:

✔️ 10+ years in business

✔️ Endorsed by Australian podiatrists

✔️ Manufactured & Quality controlled in South Korea

✔️ Thousands of 5-star reviews

✔️ As Seen on The Today Show, Shark Tank Australia and


Baby shoes similar to Attipas and counterfeit products with designs similar to Attipas are sold in various forms online.

In addition, most of these copycat shoes use Attipas designs and characters for introductory images and texts. Although they are very similar in shape and display, they are very different in quality from the genuine product and have nothing to do with the genuine Attipas product.

The following features have been reported for similar and counterfeit products.

Attipas genuine baby shoes


All genuine Attipas products are engraved with "Attipas®" on the soles of the feet and have breathable holes. 

The position where the legs bend is different.

                          Copycats bunch up like loose socks when worn

We apologise for any inconvenience, and thank you for your support and understanding when purchasing genuine Attipas baby shoes.

In addition, we do not exchange, return, or respond to questions regarding shoes similar to Attipas, counterfeit or copycat products.

Please also check this page for the features of genuine Attipas baby shoes.