Looking for best baby shoes for winter? Read on.

Looking for baby shoes for winter or wondering how to keep your babies feet warm in winter?

Here are 5 key points to consider when choosing baby shoes for winter:

Tips to Keep Kids' Feet Warm in Winter

1. Breathability: As winter sets in, your baby will need some suitable shoes to wear in winter. Breathability is particularly important, as baby and toddler feet sweat 50% more than adults feet do. Choosing suitable, breathable baby shoes for winter, such as Attipas, will ensure your little one's feet breath while still staying warm.

2. Durability: If you're spending winter in Australia, you'll probably need winter shoes for your baby more than ever! Being outdoors in winter, you'll need baby shoes with a durable sole, such as Attipas, to avoid your little one stepping on twigs and sticks, and general protection overall. 

3. Machine Washability: Lots of outdoor winter play means winter baby shoes that can be washed in the washing machine! Forget mud, dirt and sand covered shoes, Attipas baby shoes are 100% fully machine washable. You can watch a video here.

4. Warmth: Aussie winters may not be freezing, but temperatures can definitely drop! Attipas's thicker sock range ensures your toddler's feet remain warm throughout the colder winter weather. 

5. Seasonal Designs:  Let your toddler march into winter looking as stylish as ever! Attipas's winter range of baby shoes include navy, green, charcoal and black tones and patterns such as argyle and twinkle. 

baby's winter shoes


Attipas offers some of the best socks to keep your toddlers feet warm.

Help your little one find their feet with our range of baby's winter shoes. Finding the right kind of baby and toddler footwear that is also a good fit can be difficult, but at Attipas we spoil you for choice with the best range of winter shoes for babies and toddlers.