10 Tips to Baby-Proof Your Home

When you baby firsts starts to walk, you feel amazed, enlightened, anxious. All of a sudden your beloved home turns into a ticking time bomb for disaster to occur. Staircases, power plugs and kitchenwear become the enemy.  We only know too well.

To ease your qualms, we've compiled a list of our five top tips to a baby-proof home, because, let's face it, 95% of yours and your toddlers' day is going to be there for the next few weeks, at least.

1. Gate the Stairs 

One of the big dangers and leading cause of accidents for babies is falls and slips down the stairs. To avoid this, install baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. You can get relatively cheap retracting doors delivered online.  

2. Block the Sockets

Another risk to babies is unprotected electrical outlets. Babies and toddlers may unintentionally insert objects into the slots which could result in electrocution. Therefore, we recommend installing electrical outlet covers, available from any department, baby or hardware store.

3. Lock the Cupboards

Lots of accidents occur in the kitchen where babies and toddlers may come across glass, heavy equipment or sharp objects. What might be a play toy to them could be actually be a real danger. Installing child locks on all cupboards and doors in the kitchen mitigates the risk of unnecessary accidents. Don't limit locks to the kitchen; lock every cupboard throughout the house deemed unsafe including laundry, bathrooms and garages.

4. Manage Furniture Edges

As babies and toddlers are extremely active, it is important to install padding or rubber covers on table edges and shelves that babies may run or knock into. A small prang may result in a very large bump, or worse.

5. Keep Unsafe Items at Bay

Assess risks of all items that are placed in reach of a baby or toddler, especially the risk of choking. Assume they will put everything in their mouth. Similarly avoid placing glass or heavy objects on the edges of tables or benches where they may fall and hurt your child.