When to Transition from Attipas to Toddler Shoes: A Parent's Guide

How to Transition from Attipas to Toddler Shoes

As your little one embarks on the journey from first steps to confident walking, you've cherished the comfort, safety, and healthy development offered by Attipas shoes. These adorable, science-backed footwear companions have been with your baby every step of the way. However, as your child continues to grow, you may be wondering when and how to make the transition from Attipas to more traditional toddler shoes. In this blog, we'll offer guidance on this important milestone.

When to Transition

The right time to transition from Attipas to traditional toddler shoes,depends on your child's developmental milestones. Here are some key indicators to lookout for:

  1. Walking Confidence: When your child displays increased confidence and stability while walking, it's a sign that they may be ready for traditional shoes. This transition usually happens between 9 months and 18 months, however every child differs.

  2. Stability: If your little one can walk without much wobbling or falls, it's a positive sign that they're gaining the balance necessary for traditional shoes.

  3. Walking Outdoors: When your child starts exploring the outdoors, especially on various terrains like grass, sand, or uneven surfaces, traditional shoes become essential for protection and support.

  4. Proper Sizing: Ensure your child's feet have reached the right size for toddler shoes. 


How to Make the Transition

Transitioning from Attipas to traditional toddler shoes, can be a smooth process if done thoughtfully. Here are some steps to consider:

  1. Proper Sizing: Measure your child's feet and choose traditional toddler shoes that provide ample space for growth. The shoes should neither be too tight nor too loose. Children's feet grow rapidly, so it's essential to choose the right size. With Attipas, we offer a convenient and user-friendly printable size guide for parents to ensure they can easily find the perfect fit for their child. 

  2. Comfort is Key: Prioritise comfort in both traditional toddler shoes a. Look for shoes with soft, flexible soles that mimic the barefoot sensation. These shoes should allow your child's feet to move naturally while providing support  like Attipas Kids Mesh shoes!. 

  3. Velcro or Slip-Ons: Opt for toddler shoes with convenient closures like Velcro or slip-on styles. This makes it easier for you and your child during the transition phase.

  4. Familiarity: Let your child get accustomed to the new shoes gradually. Allow them to wear the traditional shoes for short periods indoors before venturing outside.

  5. Observe Your Child: Watch how your child adjusts to the new shoes. Ensure that the shoes do not impede their movement and that they remain comfortable.

  6. Supportive Design: With toddler shoes parents should look for shoes that offer good arch support and a stable base. This becomes especially important as your child's weight-bearing capacity increases.

  7. Outdoor Activities: Once your child is confidently walking outdoors, particularly on different terrains, traditional shoes, offer protection and support. 


The Next Step in Their Journey 

Transitioning from Attipas to traditional toddler shoes is a significant milestone in your child's development. It's essential to consider the right timing, size, and design to ensure a seamless and comfortable shift. Traditional toddler shoes, offer more support, especially for outdoor activities, and are suitable for extended wear as your child becomes more mobile.

As you observe your child taking confident strides in their new shoes, take pride in knowing that you've provided them with a strong foundation for their future adventures. From Attipas to traditional toddler shoes, you're guiding your child step by step, nurturing their growth, and encouraging them to explore the world with confidence, style, and comfort.

Let Your Child Move Naturally with Attipas Mesh Shoes

Attipas shoes accommodates up to 4 years old, beyond this age, we offer a fantastic alternative with our Toddler Kids Mesh Shoe range, providing parents with a suitable option when they believe their children are ready to transition. Attipas Mesh shoes offer a unique advantage as your child transitions to traditional footwear. These scientifically designed shoes allow your child to move naturally. The slim outsole encourages the use of foot muscles while walking, nurturing your child's foot growth and development. The wide toe box permits your child to wiggle their toes freely, resulting in healthy feet and bones. Attipas Mesh encourages natural footwork and balance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition from Attipas to traditional toddler shoes.

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