Tips to help get your toddler to sleep

5 Tips To Help Your Toddler Sleep

Is your toddler refusing to go asleep or stay asleep? It drives you crazy sometimes, doesn’t it? Getting your toddler to fall asleep – and stay asleep – can be one of those battles you feel like you’ll never win.


Nothing you try seems to work. You put your baby to bed successfully... but two hours later, they're up! They never sleep through the night, and when they don't go to sleep, neither can you.

So everyone ends up extra cranky in the morning. It is unsustainable.


Thankfully, there are some tried and true techniques that you can use to help get your toddler to sleep and stay asleep.


Try these five tips to help your little one get to sleep:


Start the bedtime routine earlier. You can start by moving it just thirty minutes earlier. Have a routine: brush their teeth, wash their face, and play with them. Then read them a story and cuddle. After this, most kids can't help but get sleepy.


  • You can help your toddler anticipate their bedtime routine by talking about it during the day. So you could say, "It'll be fun reading a book before you go to bed tonight, won't it?"


  • Getting your little one to agree with this makes them more willing to go to bed on time. Kids need it.


Tough love. Tuck them in, give them a kiss and a hug, say goodnight, and tell them you love them. Turn off the light, close the door, and leave the room. Tell them you'll come to check on them later. Practice tough love and stop playing into their manipulation tactics. This is essential if they keep waking up in the middle of the night and refusing to go back to sleep. 


  • Remind them that bedtime is bedtime and to stay in their bed. Put your toddler to bed and whenever they get out of bed, put them right back in without having a long discussion with them. After a couple of days, they'll figure out you won't let them have their way.


Regulate naptime. If they have two or more naps during the day, consider reducing the number of toddler naps. Instead of a daytime sleep, consider putting on a movie and then laying your child on the couch or bed for the entire movie. Tell your child that they don't have to sleep, but they do have to sit still.


  • They'll sleep almost every time. It works for naps and can also work for going to bed at night. Grab a chair and sit or read to them until they drift off.

  • Set a consistent bedtime and avoid letting your toddler stay up too late, as this can cause overtiredness and sleep problems.


Relaxing activities. While some recommend tiring your baby out, an overtired toddler may find it hard to sleep. The deal is that they quietly play with toys in their room for a certain period. Eventually, they'll wind down and drift off to sleep.


  • It is easier for a toddler to sleep and settle when it's calm and comfortable than to suddenly fall asleep after a busy day. Try turning on white noise to help them relax and sleep. Some children sleep at night so much better with it.

A dark room environment. If your child is afraid of the dark or can't sleep without the lights on, a night light can help. Keep the main light switch out of your child's reach. Some may switch it on and off for fun or keep switching it on after you've turned it off, making it hard for the child to sleep.


  • Keep the bedroom cool and dark. Keep screens out of the room. Make sure they are comfortable. Dress them lightly and turn the heat down. Sometimes the room may be too hot to stay asleep in.


It’s important to find solutions to help your child sleep. If these techniques don't help, you may want to seek help from a doctor. Maybe your child is experiencing a medical issue that a professional can help you resolve.


It generally takes a while for a child to learn to sleep through the night. There may be a period where you have to endure sleeping less at night or not having much alone time with your partner. However, the toddler bedtime routine is a phase that your child will successfully navigate with your help.


Remember to listen to your instincts and intuition first and foremost! Be kind to yourself. You're doing fine, and your baby is just learning how to sleep. Eventually, they'll get the hang of it.

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