The Science Behind Attipas: How These Shoes Support Your Baby's Development

Attipas: The Walking Science™ Behind Your Baby's First Steps

When your baby takes those first steps, you want to ensure that they have the best support possible. That's where Attipas comes in—a brand that's not just about adorable shoes; it's about the science of walking and nurturing healthy baby steps. Attipas toddler shoes are the result of seven years of dedicated research and development at Seoul University, making them a top choice for Aussie parents. In this blog, we'll explore the science behind Attipas and the remarkable features and benefits that set them apart.

The Science Behind Attipas: Walking Science™

Attipas isn't just a shoe; it's a product of extensive research and scientific expertise. Here's a closer look at the scientific foundation that makes Attipas the go-to choice for parents:

  1. Seven Years of Research: Attipas didn't just happen overnight. It was meticulously crafted after seven years of dedicated research at Seoul University. This extensive commitment to understanding infant movement and laid the foundation for Attipas,  uaranteeing your child the ideal assistance possible from their very first steps to running around. 

  2. Kinetic and Physio-Dynamic Tests: Attipas's development involved rigorous kinetic and physio-dynamic tests of toddlers' walking patterns. This in-depth research provided invaluable insights into how babies move and what kind of footwear is most suitable for their early development.

  3. Ergonomic Support: Attipas shoes are designed with ergonomics in mind. They provide the right support for a baby's first steps and beyond. The science-driven approach ensures that Attipas shoes are more than just a cute accessory; they are a valuable tool in your baby's development.

  4. Internationally Patented: Attipas holds international patents for its innovative design, cementing its status as a scientifically recognised and respected brand in the field of infant footwear.


Features and Benefits of Attipas Baby Shoes

Attipas shoes come packed with features and benefits that make them an outstanding choice for parents:

  • Breathable Design: Attipas shoes incorporate breathable microporous membranes that release heat from your baby's feet. This design ensures comfort even in the Australian heat, preventing sweaty and uncomfortable feet.


  • Flexibility: The shoes are built with a flexible outsole, enabling natural foot movement and balance development. This flexibility promotes a healthy gait in your little one.


  • Lightweight Outsole: The lightweight sole design guarantees that your baby's feet remain unburdened, allowing for easier walking and comfortable exploration.


  • Anti-Slip Soles: Safety is a top priority for Attipas. Their non-slip soles reduce the risk of slips and falls, ensuring a safe environment for your baby to take those initial steps.


  • Convenience: Attipas shoes are machine-washable at up to 30°C, making cleanup a breeze. No more worries about dirt and spills; Attipas shoes are designed to handle the mess.


  • Comfort and Softness: These shoes are soft, lightweight, and crafted from cotton, providing a gentle and comfortable fit for your baby. They dry quickly, ensuring uninterrupted use.


  • Generous Toe Box: The big toe box allows for free toe movement, which is essential for cognitive and motor development. It supports your baby's early walking experience, fostering confidence and balance.

Attipas: Where Science Meets Baby's First Steps

Attipas is more than just a baby shoe; it's the result of scientific research, innovation, and care. As your baby takes those first steps, Attipas is there to provide the support they need. The breathable design, flexibility, and anti-slip soles ensure that your baby's early steps are both comfortable and safe.It's a brand where science and the joy of watching your baby take their first steps come together seamlessly. 

With the convenience of machine-washable shoes and a scientifically designed big toe box, Attipas understands the practical needs of parents. Its as easy as slipping 

When choosing the perfect shoes for your little one, consider Attipas.These aren't just baby shoes; they're a scientific step toward healthy, confident walking for your baby. 

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