Five Toddler Activities You Need to Try

Locked down again or just self isolating? Here are five fun activities you can do with toddlers to make home life your best life yet!

Pasta making with toddlers

1. Pasta Making: Who said pasta making was just for adults? Grab a pasta machine and some flour, eggs and water and start kneading! Toddlers love to help making the dough and are intrigued watching it transform from dough to sheets of spaghetti, fettucine or lasagne. Allow pasta to dry on stands and couple with a simple tomato sauce and you've got dinner, sorted.  

2. Home-made Playdough: In the spirit of pasta making, why not allocate your little one a small portion of dough and allow them to add food die, glitter or both! It beats buying traditional playdough plus offers hours of entertainment. Bonus: Home-made dough vacuums out of the carpet much easier than the store-bought type.

Making music with toddlers

3. Music Making App: Encourage your budding music maker with one of the many music-making apps out there on the market. One of our favourites is Groovepad. Let them put together varying instruments and beats and make their own toddler tune! It allows for hours of entertainment and will likely wow you with it's complexity.

4. DIY instruments: In the spirit of music, why not create your very own, DIY instruments. Grab an empty plastic bottle with a lid, and fill with your toddler's choice of sand, rocks, or other collectables from the garden. Close the lid and wah-lah! Another great idea is to fill several glass bottles with water at varying heights. Use a metal straw to tap each bottle and your toddler has their very own DIY xylophone! 

Gardening with toddlers

5. Toddler Garden Club: Let's face it, you've probably already gardened every patch of soil available in the last lockdown but that doesn't mean you need to stop now! Buy some fun pots and premium soil and plant a few succulents or vege's ready for spring! In our neighbourhood we have the luxury of being able to common garden areas in front of our footpaths, so you might want to enquire into that too. Toddlers love using a spade and rake in the soil so make sure you follow their lead and let them be in charge!