Lockdown Love: How to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Let's face it, living in the confines of your home is odd. Strange. Confining. Defining? Though you may love your home, being restricted to it 24/7 (or part thereof) isn't something you've likely planned for. Ever. 

Two weeks ago I succumbed to the fact that we were about to go into lockdown in Australia. Living abroad for a large portion of my youth gifted me a huge network of friends internationally, and following their updates on Facebook, I could see what the future was holding for us Aussies. 

My husband, three kids and I live in a terrace house in heritage listed suburb in Sydney. It's is a lifestyle choice, and one that my husband and I made many years ago. We gave up space at home, a pool and a huge backyard, for a beautiful neighbourhood filled with shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. A short bus ride into the city and a short walk to the harbour. Urban life at its best. Our kids love their urban upbringing; we know all our neighbours and the community spirit is second to none. 

However, the last two weeks have seen our inner city freedoms taken away and our limited space at home is feeling smaller by the minute. Sound familiar?

Two weeks ago I made the call I would make our home a sanctuary. Sure, we didnt have huge amounts of space, but I was determined to do my best and turn previously ignored nooks and crannies into areas of love.

My first area of focus was our car space (we don't have a backyard given our inner city location). The goal was to turn it into an urban Moroccan Oasis. We'd thankfully spent the last 6 months building a barbecue, bench seating and collecting some garden plants, but the space was still being used to park our car. I decided two weeks ago that I wanted a pleasant space for the kids to play, do their artwork, relax and get some fresh air. I invested in a hammock from Temple & Webster, two outdoor mats from OPUS and two chairs from Matt Blatt. Coupled with an existing bean bag and some kiddie chairs and our space has come alive.

The second area of focus was our previously empty terrace balcony. We overlook a lovely street and cafe which is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. The street is tree-lined and a beautiful outlook from the balcony, which runs off the main bedroom. However in two years we've never used the balcony space. Two weeks ago I ordered two outdoor seats from Matt Blatt, a coffee table, and purchased a beautiful plant from our local garden store The Plant Society. The result: a lovely space we break for morning coffee, a quiet afternoon spot to work once the kids have been homeschooled, and a perfect place to have a G&T at 5pm.

Have a space in your home that has previously been unused? Spare a minute to sprinkle some lockdown love, and you too can turn your old 'void' into new enclave and keep smiling like we are. Turn your garage into a games room, your spare room into an art studio or your basement into a beauty parlour. Look around and see what you can find; I promise with a bit of love and imagination, your home is your oyster.