Five Unique Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home

Five Unique Ways to Entertain Your Kids at Home
Let's face it, having kids stuck indoors, be it on a rainy day, or other, is next level crazy. When you're stuck inside why not mix things up a little and keep activities varied? We've compiled a list of five activities that will guarantee to keep your little ones busy for an hour at a time, at least, and you'll get enjoyment out of them too:

1. Run a Great Australian Bake-off: Diets are definitely out the window during COVID! Why not run a bake-off at home and choose a winner (or many) at the end? Cookies or cupcakes are a great choice and kids can help with making them or just assist with decorating their own at the end. You'll have a budding Gordon Ramsey in no time!

2. 'Build a Cubby' Competition: Sure, kids love building cubby houses, but why not make things more interesting by timing them or have a competition to see who makes the best/most innovative/interesting cubby house? Adding a challenge to the mix will certain keep things interesting at home. Why not suggest a colour theme, outdoor option or both? 

3. Start a Gardening Club: Budding green thumbs aside, all kids love to get dirty and gardening is a great way to do it. Get your children involved in re-potting plants and simple watering tasks each day. Even if you don't have a large backyard (we don't), buy simple pots online and replant cuttings or grab some cheap plants from a local store (Aldi and Mitre 10 have plants at the moment). They'll love the sense of responsibility, particularly as their plants start to flourish.

4. Play Monopoly - with real money: You're probably playing monopoly junior but why not swap paper money for the real deal and teach your kids about coins and notes. They're likely to get a real thrill out of using real money plus learn more about what each note or coin means in the real world. (Note: Spray all notes and coins with an antibacterial spray prior to playing, just to be safe).

5. Buy a Hammock: I won't lie here - our recent hammock purchase from Temple & Webster has been, hands down, the best form of entertainment for our kids during COVID. They play a range of games on it, from 'Banana Says' (a version of 'Simon Says'), to 'Count the Swings' to 'Camping Adventures' and more. It doubles as a great resting spot for tired parents, and let's face it, who doesn't need a lie down right now? 

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