Confused about Baby Shoes? Join the Club.

Measure your toddler's feet at homeConfused about baby shoes? 🤷 Join the club!

Like you, when my first son Henry was just about to turn 1, I had NO CLUE what to do about baby shoes. 🤔

You see, we’d be getting around in socks. And quite happily at that 🧦

It was only when I noticed a few tiny cuts on his toes after a visit to the playground that I thought I’d better start looking for some pre-walkers. ASAP.

I went into David Jones on my only kid-free-day, and realised that I didn't even know what size he wore. “He’s 13 months”, I said.

The sales assistant told me that 13 months isn’t a shoe size, and that I’d have to bring him back 

My first thought was ‘Are you kidding? Do you realise the pain involved when shopping with a ONE YEAR OLD?’ 👶

Begrudgingly I smiled and said I’d be back.

But I didn't go back.

Instead I went to Japan. On a holiday. With my hubby and Henry in tow. 🇯🇵

We flew straight into Kyoto for 4 days and saw all the sights. Henry happily got around in his ‘socks’.

We then caught a high speed train to Takayama, where Henry took his first unassisted steps under a flowering cherry blossom tree. It was magic (aside from the soggy socks). 🌸

Later in the trip, we finally made it to Tokyo and ventured into a toy store. My intentions were, naturally, toys for baby. But hubby had other ideas.

He brought back a pair of Attipas shoes in a box. ‘They look like Henry’s socks’, I said. But with a sole. Ugly but interesting were my first thoughts, but they did look super cute on.

To cut a long story short, yes we got a shoe fitting and yes, we bought the shoes. 2 months after my visit to David Jones. 👟

Measure your baby's shoe size at homeBut if I’d just had the RIGHT TOOLS to measure his feet at home, then we’d likely have sorted the soggy sock situation out MUCH SOONER. 

So at that moment I made a promise to myself. I wanted all parents to be able to measure their baby’s feet at home. Easily. Without going to David Jones. And without a fuss.

So I’ve created this easy, printable eGuide which takes the pain and guesswork out of measuring your little one’s feet.

It’s absolutely FREE and all you need to is click here.

Here are a few tips I use when measuring a baby's feet:

 Print the eGuide out using ACTUAL. This ensures the document is sized correctly

 Make sure your toddler is calm; if they’re fussing then try another time

 Ensure your baby's foot is placed firmly on the guide, with the sole positioned as close to the bottom of the ‘foot’ as possible

 Draw a line directly above the big toe

 Always size up (if on the cusp, go up to the next size)

 If your toddler is too fussy, another option is to trace their foot on another sheet of paper, then cut it out and place it above our eGuide

I hope this takes the pain and guesswork out of measuring your little one’s feet 🙏