Behind the Scenes at Attipas HQ

Attipas HQEver wondered what goes on at Attipas HQ? From baby shoe designing to manufacturing, quality control, re-packing and more, here's a sneak peek into what happens on a daily basis at our Korean counterpart's facility in Busan, South Korea:

1. Design: A great deal of thought and creative flair goes into the design process at Attipas HQ. Ideas around next season's baby shoes are generated from a variety of sources including European trade events, local Korean inspiration and suggestions from international distributors. New Attipas designs are hand-drawn first, then transformed to digital graphics, after which they are forwarded to the manufacturing team for sampling then creation.

2. Manufacturing: After new designs have been sampled and approved, full scale manufacturing occurs. Attipas shoes are a shoe-sock hybrid, so firstly the cotton blend socks are manufactured separately and then they are attached to the sole via a mould/injection process. The soles are made from a material called thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is non toxic and gives Attipas baby shoes their amazing grip.

Mould/Dipping Process

3. Quality Control: The quality control team inspect the shoes after the mold has set and shoes are considered complete. Strict quality control activities are undertaken in order to ensure that shoes are safe for babies to wear, superior in quality and adhere to national and international guidelines. Attipas shoes are non toxic and considered safe for babies; they don't use any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. 

Attipas Shoes After Production


4. Packing: After quality control has been completed, workers commence the packing process of the shoes. Shoes are packaged in a variety of boxes as requested by international distributors. In Australia we utilise the premium box due it's slim cardboard design and limited plastic content. Every little bit towards the war on waste counts! Each pair of Attipas shoes are manually packed into packages before being sealed and ready to ship.

Packing Attipas baby shoes


5. Sales: The lovely Korean team liaise with international distributors on a frequent basis to ensure their orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. They also coordinate the collection and shipping of international freight, as well as general training for their foreign distributors on a regular basis. 

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