Baby Shoes: Your Questions Answered

You want to know the facts, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about baby shoes. See below.

1. What are the best first shoes for babies?

Attipas shoes are the best first shoes for babies. Their unique design allows babies to learn to walk in the most natural way possible. Attipas baby shoes mimic barefoot walking and have been developed based on 7 years of research at the Seoul University in South Korea. Attipas are also the most economical baby shoes, and can be passed down to siblings or friends once babies grow out of them.

2. When should you start putting shoes on a baby?

Babies should stay barefoot as long as possible when learning to walk, however this is not always practical. Generally, when a baby is standing or cruising you can introduce a soft-soled pre-walking shoe such as Attipas to help them learn to walk and get their balance. 

Baby shoes: your questions answered

3. Should babies wear shoes to learn to walk?

Barefoot is always best for babies when they are learning to walk. However, when you are ready to take your baby outside to walk, you will find that a pair of shoes is needed to protect their feet. Soft-soled prewalkers such as Attipas protect babies' feet but allow them to learn to walk in the most natural way possible.

4. Are hard soled shoes bad for baby?

Hard soled shoes are not recommended for babies when learning to walk. Studies show that shoes of a heavy nature prevent one of the most nerve-rich parts of our body - our feet - from sending important messages from the environment to our brains, which may delay walking. As a result babies should be barefoot as much as possible, and when this isn't possible, babies should wear lightweight and flexible pre-walking shoes such as Attipas.

Baby walking

5. What are the best shoes to help babies walk?

Babies should learn to walk without shoes as much as possible, such as in the house or outdoors on soft surfaces such as grass or sand. When walking outdoors on rough or dangerous surfaces, babies should wear suitable prewalking shoes such as Attipas to protect their feet and help them learn to walk.

6. How do I encourage my baby to walk?

Babies will learn to walk at their own pace, with some toddlers starting at 8 months and others starting at 18 months! You can encourage your baby to learn to walk by helping them move while holding your fingers or encouraging them to walk around furniture such as coffee tables, chairs or lounges. 

baby walking barefoot

7. Are Robeez good for walking babies?

While we can't comment on other brands of prewalking shoes, we can confirm that Attipas baby shoes are the most superior baby shoes on the market as they have been developed based on 7 years of research at the Seoul University and have been proven to mimic barefoot walking. Attipas help babies learn to walk in the most natural way possible, while still providing protection on their feet.