Attipas Baby Shoes: Your Questions Answered

You want to know the facts, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Attipas baby shoes. See below the top five questions our subscribers and customers ask us:

1. What are Attipas shoes?

Attipas shoes are the premium choice of baby shoes in Australia. They are lightweight, breathable and support first steps. Attipas shoes are based on 7 years of research from the Seoul University in South Korea and are endorsed by Australian podiatrists. Multi-award winning, Attipas are recommended by 98% of Australian parents.

2. Are Attipas shoes good?

Yes, Attipas shoes are fantastic and have hundreds of 5-star reviews! Their lightweight and flexible design mimics barefoot walking, allowing babies to learn to walk in the most natural way possible. Attipas have a big toe box which means babies toes are also not cramped or impeded while learning to walk. Attipas also have a superior, non-slip grip, giving babies confidence as they learn to walk.

What are Attipas shoes?

3. How do you wash Attipas shoes? 

Attipas shoes can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum temperate of 30c. You can wash Attipas shoes with your regular washing loads in similar colours. Avoid using hot water on Attipas shoes. Attipas can also be hand washed if preferred by gently washing with laundry liquid and water in the laundry tub. Gently shake and squeeze excess water off Attipas shoes and avoid twisting to preserve their shape. Always air-dry your Attipas shoes after washing (avoid the dryer).

4. How do you clean Attipas shoes?

As Attipas shoes are fully machine washable to 30c there is no need for complex scrubbing routines or finicky toothbrush work. Simply put your Attipas baby shoes in a netted laundry bag and throw them in the washing machine with your regular loads. Click here to see a short video on how to care for your Attipas baby shoes. If you have minor scuff marks on the toes you can use gentle cleaners such as Jiff or Gumption to remove these.

Attipas on washing line

5. Do you wear socks with Attipas shoes?

During the colder months, some parents choose to put a pair of socks under their baby's Attipas shoes to keep them warmer. However, wearing socks under Attipas shoes is not required as Attipas shoes are fully lined with a sock. Socks under Attipas shoes may also assist with thickening the shoes while babies grow, if they are slightly too big.

6. What sizes do Attipas shoes come in?

Attipas shoes are sized from 3.5 US (6-12 months) to 9 US (3 year+). We always recommend measuring from our easy size guide before purchase. You can watch how to measure, or download a copy of the size guide here.

Attipas baby shoes sizes

7. Does my baby need to wear insoles with Attipas baby shoes?

Insoles are not required when wearing Attipas baby shoes but do provide extra comfort for your baby. Wearing insoles is a personal choice for parents. If you do decide to use insoles, we recommend using Acti-fit insoles which have been especially designed to fit inside Attipas baby shoes.

8. Can Attipas shoes go in the water?

Attipas baby shoes can absolutely get wet and this is the one of their greatest features. Many parents choose to wear them to the beach, in mud or dirt or on wet grass, knowing their babies' feet are protected. After getting Attipas baby shoes wet, machine wash them back to new. Attipas also launched aqua shoes in 2020, which are made from a quick drying fabric with SPF 50+.

Aqua shoes for babies