10 Craft Ideas to Keep Kids Busy at Home

Craft Ideas to Keep Kids Busy at Home

As a parent, you’re no doubt looking for fun activities you can do with your kids and want to know more ways of keeping kids entertained when stuck at home. Even if you started with an array of ideas, the well might have dried up.

Have no fear, though, arts and crafts kits aren't just for school. Keep the kids entertained and encourage their creative side with this range of ideas below. 

10 Kids Craft Ideas During Lockdown


Craft Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

1. DIY Coasters

It may not be Christmas right now, but snowflake coasters, made from pipe cleaners and glue can add a festive feel to the lockdown lifestyle. They will help you think of happier times and will also become a favourite family tradition every year. 

2. Photo Collage

A photoshoot with the whole family is an excellent way to get creative. Your kids can try different poses and then use software to put the pictures together, or they can go old school and do it all by hand for your lockdown scrapbook. 

3. Tie-Dye

Peace and love are more vital than ever right now, and teaching your kids how to tie-dye old clothes will keep them busy for a while. They can create crazy patterns to rock once this is all over, just don’t let them get close to the hot ink!

4. Pen Pals

Finding pen pal possibilities for them will keep them on top of their reading and writing skills, while also helping them to learn more about their new friend, wherever they might be in the world. 

5. Bottle Cap Bouquets

Bottle cap bouquets are perfect for any upcoming birthdays, or just because. Take paper, card, glue, a button, and bottle caps and create flowers to display in the window or around the house. 

Bottle cap bouquets

6. Time Capsule

Even though you may not want to remember this whole thing once it’s over, creating a time capsule and burying it in your backyard with trinkets and notes from your time in lockdown could be an exciting activity. You can dig it up once lockdown ends or even next year, opening it on the anniversary of your time inside to see how the world has changed. 

7. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are always fun, but you don’t need to go to a desert island to do this. You can hide items around the house and give kids a map with a list of clues to find them.

8. Board Games

Make your own board game, such as Monopoly and use local landmarks in place of the traditional locations. Even though you can’t go outside, this is pretty much the next best thing. 

9. Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the most tried and tested lockdown activities for the kids, jigsaw puzzles, whether they are 10 pieces or 1000 pieces are an excellent way of keeping the whole family busy. Aside from being heaps of fun, jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic way to help your children learn to recognise patterns and solve problems. 

Jigsaw puzzles

10. Saying Thanks

Taking out the chalk, paint, and felt tips to say thanks to our carers is the perfect way to top off your lockdown crafts. Not only does it help kids be creative, but it also teaches them to show appreciation for what others do!