My son, Henry, who is 4 has an active imagination. He loves building his own toys and models with bits and bobs that we have lying around the house.

Quicksticks & HenryRecently, we were asked to review Quicksticks, a purpose made silver craft tape which is popular especially among the early learning educators and childcare centres.

Quicksticks was designed by two highly experienced (now retired) educators, Mei-Lin Yum and Jan Round, who for many years incorporated in their teaching, the offcuts of air conditioning duct tape. Upon retirement and having experienced how positively the children interacted with the tape, they decided to introduce it to other teachers and children so they too could benefit from its use. Fast forward four years and their Australian factory now manufactures this custom designed tape to their specifications.

Easier to use than a regular tape dispenser, Quicksticks is great for children to practice their fine motor muscle development and hand eye coordination. It has an easy to tear and peel feature, therefore no scissors required.

We immediately saw the benefits of Quicksticks when adding this tape to Henry’s art and craft collection. After I gave Henry a roll and showed him how to use it, I gave him free rein to our collection of empty cereal boxes and plastic bottles. Henry loved his new ‘building material’ and made lots of interesting things with Quicksticks including a robot out of a bottle and spaceship of out a box.

Quicksticks 1 Quicksticks 3 Quicksticks - robot & spaceship

Quicksticks are available for purchase online at and retails at RRP $5.50 per roll.

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