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How to fit Attipas baby shoes on your toddler

Size Guide

Please use the below size guide when purchasing Attipas toddler shoes.

Download a copy of the guide.


Prewalker & Walker Shoes for Babies

Attipas Urban collection is one of the very latest styles of walker shoes for a baby that can be worn by both baby boys and girls. Attipas Urban comes with cool spots in monochrome tones. 

These intriguing and practical minimalist baby walker shoes with a dark finish and small dots are an excellent addition to any outfit. With these booties, you will create a great city look.

The elastic sock prevents the shoes from falling off, making them an ideal choice for a nursery or wearing at home. If you are looking for baby shoes that combine classic, formal style, and innovative technologies, then the sock-style Urban collection is the best choice for you.

All designs have popular dark coloured soles and are highly durable. Attipas baby shoes are a world first in first walker shoes! As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre-walker shoe, these functional baby shoes ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps and thereafter.


Attipas shoes for toddlers and babies were launched in 2011 after 7 years of research and development, and are quickly becoming the number one choice in toddler shoes!


Now available in 16 styles and 6 sizes, Attipas shoes are ‘Walking Science‘.


Attipas pre-walker baby shoes were developed based on seven years of studies at the Seoul University in South Korea. Recently, Attipas infant shoes were endorsed by a leading Australian podiatrist; for more information visit our recommendations page: 
Size Guide
Size Length (mm) Age (Approx.) Size (US)
Small 108 mm 0-12 months 3.5
Medium 115 mm 12-18 months 4.5
Large 125 mm 18-24 months 5.5
X-Large 135 mm 24 months 6.5


Washing Instructions:

Attipas pre-walker baby shoes are fully machine washable to 30 degrees celcius. When washing and drying, please use a laundry net. Note to maintain the quality of the fabric, hand wash and air-dry is preferred. Materials External Textile (%) Cotton: 80% Spandex: 17% Rubber Yarn: 2% Polyurenthane Yarn: 1% Outsole (%) TPR: 100% (Tested Non-Toxic Products)